Tailoring Kit

Product # 1999


Here are the tools you need for success in your tailoring project. Kit includes must-haves such as beeswax and tailoring chalk to impossible-to-find waxed tracing paper and linen roll tape. It even includes your own tailor’s clapper plus a free copy of Kathi Cardinalli’s Traditional Tailoring book.

Normally more than $125. Get this kit for $79.99 all in a PFI tote. Whether going bespoke or contemporary, you are ready!

Tailoring Kit

    — Tailor’s clapper
    — Sharps #7 hand sewing needles
    — Fine silk pins
    — Tomato pin cushion with emery
    — Tailor’s chalk
    — Tracing wheel
    — Tracing paper-waxed
    — Beeswax
    — 4 yds 1⁄4” twill tape
    — 1⁄2 yard of non-fusible hair canvas
    — 1 yd armoweft
    — 1 yd linen roll tape
    — 1⁄4 yard of cotton batting
    — 4 yards Venus muslin
    Traditional Tailoring by Kathi Cardinalli